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Home Kite Building Construction Hints
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Construction Hints

Tips on things like hems, double folding spar pockets, attaching bow lines etc. Need help here. Feel free to send ideas.


  • Cover the edges of cardboard templates with aluminum tape. It reduces wear on the templates.
  • To assemble fabric pieces before sewing, use a stick of paper glue. It is water soluble, and a washing machine (when it is finished) is an efficient method to remove any trace of glue.
  • Clip a pair of hemostats on the line where you want a knot to be, tie the knot with one loop over the hemostat. Tighten the knot. remove the hemostat, re-tighten the knot and it is on the line exactly where you want it, every time.
  • When making spar pockets from Dacron, make sure you offset one side and have a small fold in it to make inserting spars much easier.
  • Use blue painters tape to temporarily hold pieces together. It's sticky enough to hold, but is easily removed. Much better than masking tape, duct tape, or pins!
  • Instructions for an edge binding technique.
  •  Send us your hint!